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Who We Are

About us
Who We Are

As mastering engineers, we are passionate about anything and everything audio. Read our bios below to learn more about our diverse professional backgrounds, experiences, and why we love what we do!

Our Engineers:

Keenan Hye

Keenan Hye - Founder and Mastering Engineer

My name is Keenan, and I’m currently a candidate for a Masters of Engineering in Acoustics at Penn State University. I am originally from Madison, Connecticut, and I have been producing music since I was in early high school. I earned my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Music Recording, and have years of practical experience under my belt.

During the past five years, I have had experience researching human perception of audio quality, creating automated room equalization algorithms, and engineering directional hearing devices to aid people with hearing loss. All of this experience has given me a vast and varied understanding of topics important to mastering and our perception of music, including psychoacoustics, room acoustics, and digital audio processing.

To satiate my right brain, I spend most of my down time writing original music and lyrics, and, of course, recording and mixing my own music as well. I grew up playing saxophone, but now I’m primarily a singer and guitarist.

Helping people make great audio is absolutely my passion, and to me there is no substitute for the human touch that a real mastering engineer can add. I take pride in producing professional audio at prices that are much easier to swallow than most other professional mastering services, yet which still allow myself and other engineers to make a living helping artists that want to enhance their audio production skills.

If you would like to learn more about me, my personal website can be found here.

Connor Eichinger

Connor Eichinger - Mastering Engineer

Hailing from Pleasantville, New York, Connor is pursuing a degree in Music Industry with a minor in Recording. He plans to graduate in 2017. I brought Connor on to the Get Mastered team recently, as I was incredibly impressed by his natural talent for mixing and mastering, and his visible drive to produce the best finished project possible, no matter how long it takes.

Connor has years of experience working with audio in various contexts, including producing and recording, mixing and mastering, sound design, and film post production. He has composed and performed acousmatic music in a quadraphonic setting as well as through live sound diffusion with Harvard University’s Hydra loudspeaker orchestra. Connor has also composed music for commercials and short films, and is currently finalizing a 5 track EP which will be his debut as a solo artist.

lee headshot

Lee Schuna - Mastering Engineer

Producer name: Analogue Self

From New Richmond, Wisconsin, Lee has been learning the art of recording since age 13. Starting out recording covers of songs for YouTube, he eventually started writing his own music and recording all the parts in his parent’s basement. Working with the limitations of lo-fi equipment and the old Intro version of Ableton, learning to creatively solve audio problems became hugely important to his process.

An alumni of Northeastern University’s Music Industry program, Lee spent time working in both campus recording studios, as a full time house engineer during the inaugural semester of the Digital Media Commons Studio. There, he worked with a variety of clients and taught workshops on a variety of topics.

After a 3 year long battle with tendinitis that prevented him from playing most instruments, Lee focused on electronic music production, and has since been very involved in making in techno, ambient, and music for film and stage. Sound design has been Lee’s primary interest after working on an award winning film for Campus Movie Fest and getting involved in theatrical sound design. He’s been able to use the skills he learned from recording and mastering audio in other contexts to sculpt sound with attention to detail.

-Keenan Hye
Founder, engineer, and voice behind most of these blog posts

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